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Thanks to Bloomsberry which has introduced spa like experience at home with their all new range of manicure & pedicure jars- You can get an instant manicure-pedicure done at home in just a minute.

Anisha Nanda
(The Haul of Style)

You can feel the difference in quality when you Bloomsberry hand sanitizers. Hands feel softer and not drier which usually happens with sanitizers coz of the alcohol content.

BLOOMSBERRY, with a new concept to provide the human kind the best skin care and needs. They have launched a set of hand care products catering Indian market by providing a new formulation which will be better than anything in the market and will provide a healthy and classy lifestyle to individuals personal care in a CHICEST form possible.

Aditi & Nikita




A single drop is sufficient for both the hands. It easily gets absorbed into the skin without leaving it sticky or dry. They are of much better quality as compared to other hand sanitizers which i have used. I totally recommend this product.

Pout & Pose

I am totally impressed with Bloomsberry products and I totally recommend them to all my readers.

Shalini Srivastava


Day Dream is a fabulous product, It lathers a lot but the foam is thick so it really softens Smoothens and moisturizes or hydrates the body.


The instant pedicure is cucumber based and gives that cool and refreshing sensation that your feet need after a tiring day. Both manicure and Pedicure jars are absolutely worth using.

Shalini Srivastava


This one is a sugar based exfoliating scrub which gently removes the chapped skin and bring about a clearer skin. The essential elements present in this scrub not only removes dead skin gently but also helps in achieving soft and smooth skin. You just have to spare out a minute to get a salon like experience.

I love the way Bloomsberry hand sanitizers leaves me with soft, clean and sweet smelling hands. There are tiny colorful beads to this sanitizer. The formula and quality makes a difference as you use it.

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