Take a stroll through our lavender sunlit gardens with lavender Sunshine hand sanitizer. The miniature must-have contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers with fresh lavender fragrance that leaves hand fresh and clean on-the-go. . kills 99.9% germs. Easy to carry and effective to use, it leaves hands hygienic, fresh and soft. Contains added moisturizers and vitamins.

Lavender Sunshine Hand sanitizer


Bloomsberry hand sanitizers are non drying skin friendly formulations unlike common sanitizers available in market. They are:

  • Filled with Bursting beads melt on your hand filled with vitamins A, E and C
  • Completely non drying formulation
  • Have added vitamins and moisturizers
  • Kills germs and bacteria and provides a healthy protection.
  • Kills 99.9% bacteria

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