I Scream U scream we all scream for ice cream. Add some style to your hand sanitizers with these cute and attractive holders. BloomsBerry sanitizer Holder with sanitizer can be used as car keys holder or an attachment to your kids school bag and also helps in providing lasting fragrance and hygiene on the go.

Icecream Holder with sanitizer

  • This attractive holder comes with a Bubble Kiss hand sanitizer. Bloomsberry hand sanitizers are non drying skin friendly formulations unlike common sanitizers availble in market. They are:

    Filled with bursting beads that melt on your hand filled with vitamins A, E and C
    Available in fancy shapes, styles and colours, this trendy silicone sanitizer holders attaches to your backpack, purse and more so you can always keep your favourite sanitizer close and handy
    These add a style quotient to your daily lifestyle and even encourage kids to carry hygiene with them everywhere.

  • Take a few drops of the product on hands and rub until dry. For external use only.