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Rose- a skin loving component!!

Rose has been used as a skincare component since ancient times. Recently also rose is becoming increasingly popular in skincare products. Rose products have surprisingly variety of benefits for skin. To know more about this amazing skincare ingredient, keep reading!!

Rose based products can bring numerous benefits to the skin. Roses are filled with antioxidants that help building strength in skin cells and provide soothing and anti inflammatory benefits to the skin. Whether in the form of cleanser, water or moisturizers or scrub, rose can benefit in number of ways to skin and can be made a part of daily skincare rituals. Products containing rose essential oil provide gentle soothing moisturisation to the skin while protecting it from moisture loss. Even people who do not suffer from dry skin can benefit from rose products as it does not disturb skin balance and provide gentle nourishment to skin. It also helps control excess oil production and balances the skin.

We have recently launched a luxurious formulation of body polisher with real rose petals to provide gentle exfoliation and smooth buffing to the skin. This body polisher gives a soothing exfoliation while gently removing the dead skin cells, unwanted tan and reveal soft smooth glowing skin.

At Bloomsberry our philosophy has always been to be gentle with the skin and provide it best of products without stripping essential skin moisturization. Our range of premium body care products are of superior quality and are made with finest quality ingredients. Try them today and feel the difference. These products are also available on Nykaa and Amazon.

Happy shopping!!

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