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Non drying hand sanitizers to the rescue!!

Life of 2020 has introduced a completely different lifestyle and NEW NORMAL. Now hand sanitizers have become a nessacity and every person is seen carrying them around. However alacohol that is an essential component of hand santizer often dry up hands. Frequent use of hand sanitizers make hands dry. However Bloomsberry range of hand sanitizers are non drying formulations and have added mosturizers. To know more- keep reading!

Constant handwashing and use of hand sanitizers and usage of alcohol-based products can be particularly drying for hands. people who suffere from dry skin are particulary most affected. Luckily Bloomsberry hand sanitizers are to the rescue. Our hand sanitirzers are hard on germs but genlte on skin. Our formulations have added moisturizers and emollimets that make sure that hands are disinfected but remain soft even despite repeated usage.

Besides this Bloomsberry hand sanitizers have bursting beads filled with vitamin A, E & C that melts onto hands when the gel is rubbed providing them additional moisturization. Try our range to feel the difference. These products are available easily online on India. These formulations are available in 6 different mesmerizing fragrances to choose from. Checkout the collecction today.

Happy Shopping!!

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