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Hand sanitizers- Essential of 2020

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

In this pandemic like Covid 19, carrying the hand sanitizer bottle is essential. Read here about a variety of quality hand sanitizers and shop today at Bloomsberry!

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride in a lot of ways. A pandemic like Covid 19 has not only brought life at a stand still in lot of ways but also have introduced a new range of essentials in life. While people hardly used a product like sanitizer on regular basis few years back, now every person is seeing carrying a sanitizers in their pocket or have a bottle on their desks.

With a variety of hand sanitizers available it becomes essential to choose a quality product that is hard on germs but not on skin. Most of the formulations available in market dry out hands due to high alcohol content which often discourage people to use them frequently. However Bloomsberry hand sanitizers are of premium quality with non drying formulation and added moisturizers that keep hand soft and smooth. These are filled with bursting beads filled with vitamin A, E and C that provide added nourishment to skin. These are one of the superior quality hand sanitizers available online in India.

Bloomsberry hand sanitizers come in pocket friendly size that can easily be carried around. They come in 6 different mesmerizing fragrances. These are also available ay Nykaa and Amazon. Try them today to see the difference and ensure you always have safety and hygiene in your pocket.

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