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Hand & Feet Care- Why & How??

If you know anything about skincare, you probably already know the importance of exfoliating. A radiant and youthful skin will always be the hallmark of beauty and health. Exfoliation is a way to rejuvenate your skin and get that glow all over your body. To know more- Keep Reading

Exfoliators do much more than remove dead skin. Textured scrubs and massaging improve blood circulation and move lymph underneath the skin. This also helps in removing cellulite deposits. The result is a smooth and glowing skin. New skin readily absorbs moisturizers and other skin care products so that your skin care becomes more effective.Many of the exfoliators have other beneficial ingredients such as hydrating agents, pH balancers, nutrients and anti-ageing elements. Besides these benefits, the experience of caring for your skin in itself is very stratifying and healing.Nature has gifted us with plenty of textured exfoliators and cleansing ingredients. One of such ingredients is sugar. Sugar granules not only scrub away dead skin gently but also hydrate the skin as sugar has humectant properties

Bloomsberry Minute manicure jars and Smoothing pedicure jars are filled with the goodness of sugar granules that provide gentle exfoliation and added moisturizers reveal smooth soft skin. Exfoliation aids the natural renewal process of your skin. A healthy lifestyle and regular exfoliation will keep your skin radiant, youthful and even toned.

So go and grab these today...Happy Shopping!!

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