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Face Care v/s Body Care- Is there a difference?

Skin is the largest organ of our body. However there is a major difference in our skin from head to toe. From thickness to pore size, the skin on our face has a different set of needs than that on our body. Therefore, skincare regime needs to adapt in order to tackle different areas of skin. To know more about difference and need to invest in good quality products after careful considerations, keep reading!!

Have you ever wondered why our body scrub isn’t recommended for our face? Or why we purchase a separate face cream than body butter? Why aren’t there one-size-fits-all skincare products for our face and body? There are four differentiating characteristics that set facial skin and body skin apart: cell size, thickness, the amount of hair follicles and the number of oil glands. While purchasing any of the body care or face care products one should keep these things in mind. Most of us do fabulous job caring for our face but neglect the rest of our body? Maintaining a great skincare regime for both face and body is incredibly important for overall healthy looking skin. Also when investing in a products one should be careful to purchase quality products that are of premium quality with best of skin loving ingredients.

Bloomsberry range of premium body care products are of superior quality ingredients that provide deep moisturization with nourishing care to skin. Our products have been developed after careful research and trials and developed without any harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients. These products are not tested on animals and provide gentle nourishment and care to body skin to revel soft beautiful skin. Checkout out products today to feel the difference.

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