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Want to get ready for a presentation quickly. Running late for a party, a big meeting or a date? It’s common in a everyday life scenario. What is not common is smooth, soft and clean manicured hands with all the housework and other chores you go through everyday.


Minute Manicure keeps your “no time” lifestyle mantra in mind and provides instantly clean and fresh soft hands in just a minute at the convenience of your home. Now your hands can be ready at anytime even after that aggressive indulgence in various daily chores. After all your hands need love too.


Bloomsberry Minute manicure jar is a sugar-based exfoliating treatment makes quick work of dull, dry skin and ragged cuticles to give even the most manicure -deprived hands a taste of soft, smooth, spa manicure perfection–in just one minute. you just need to massage treatment into wet hands for a full minute, paying special attention to any rough areas. Rinse clean to reveal hands that look like they’ve spent the whole day at the spa. Apply your fave hand lotion or hand cream afterwards for supremely soft, touchable hands. This manicure treatment comes in amazing floral fragrance and  is full of natural glycolic acids for your skin.which makes the whole process even more enjoyable.

Benefits of using this regime:

  1. Gets rid of dull, dry skin and ragged cuticles.

  2. Makes skin soft and adds a glow to your skin

  3. And you just can’t stop touching it because they feel like a baby soft hands.

Once you have taken good care of your hands, apply your fave hand lotion or hand cream afterwards for supremely soft, touchable hands.

Stay Tuned for more such quick beauty solutions in your daily regime.

Bloomsberry Minute manicure jars are available at Flipkart and Amazon.

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